Learn how to navigate cycles of  life and death withwholehearted presence 

Embody the impermanent nature of this life & all things vulnerable & uncomfortable

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been striving to learn, grow and uncover my deepest self.  I've made it my mission to learn everything I can about the mystery of this life.

I spent my undergraduate years focusing on rhetoric and social change through communication, eventually graduating from California State University, Los Angeles, with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies and working as a professor of human communication for over 11 years.   

I am currently working toward an MFA & a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

I'm an unconventional educator, a mystic, a fierce guide, and a lifelong learner

Witchy woman she’s got the moon in her eyes

I come from a lineage of herbalists and makers from Italy, and I really identify with that.

I am a certified embodiment guide and teacher, Sage Priestess, 400-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and currently working to to become a certified death doula. 

I’ve spent years studying Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, somatics, tarot, herbalism, and grief work.


"Luna is a gift to any family or client who needs transitional coaching. She is skilled when it comes to offering end of life doula and/or grief services. She is able to hold space, and uses her incredible intuition to help clients navigate through spaces of death and impermanence.”

Jude Higgins, HELD LLC.

Give yourself permission to be a fully alive, whole, complex, human being ... 

...and step into your power, especially when it’s uncomfortable. 

I have always experienced a lot of challenges in life. From surviving trauma and abuse throughout childhood to young adulthood, suicidal ideation, existential crisis and disability, I was in survival mode for many years of my life.  The things I went through led me through many layers of work on myself.

I am no stranger to death and loss, either.  I have experienced quite a bit of it throughout my life, but I got hit the hardest when, in a matter of two years, five of my family members died and my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer.  In the wake of all of this loss and grief, I threw myself into my spiritual practice.

When I finally gave myself permission to stop distracting myself with toxic habits and relationships and slow down, my whole life changed.  I found safe supportive spaces, mentors, and art.  I gave myself permission to be a human and allowed myself to feel. I spent time at an ashram, got my embodiment certification, and dove deeper than ever before into what it truly means to embody impermanence.

Throughout my mom’s illness, I studied end-of-life care and grief work in order to support her and navigate the loss and grief I was feeling myself.  When she died in 2022, I was able to show up fully to help her transition and use the tools I had learned to take care of myself while continuing to support others.

My purpose on this earth, to help people navigate the grief and change in their lives, became clearer than ever when I helped my mother through her transition from physical body to spirit realm.

Buddha described impermanence as “everything changes and nothing lasts forever.”  Life is a constant state of decay, death, grief, and rebirth. Yet so many of us choose to look the other way and avoid it.

I know the struggle is real

Honoring everything that is you. 

I am queer, neurodivergent, and disabled. I’ve survived trauma, chronic illness, and a full-on existential crisis. These unique experiences expand and inform my work, and people with similar experiences find working with me safe.

Work with me

When I’m not tuning into my body, teaching a college course, or investing in my own education... can find me:

  • Visiting a graveyard (extra credit if I haven’t been there before)
  • Flipping tarot cards
  • Making some dope-ass art
  • Soaking in the best of vibes with some really good live music
  • Dancing at a festival in the desert
  • Sunbathing with my cats, walking a friend's dog and just basking in the animal magic in general
  • Working with plants
  • Running around in wide open spaces and experiencing nature

There is something I need to make abundantly clear

All humans are welcome and celebrated here regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, or sexual orientation.  I take an intersectional approach informed by an understanding of trauma and a background in social justice work.  I understand my positioning as a white, cis-gendered woman living with privilege, and also as a queer neurodivergent woman living with chronic illness.

I am learning every day.  I am always striving to make the spaces I hold more inclusive and welcoming for every participant, and I welcome your constructive and compassionate feedback.  I also recognize that it 100% my responsibility to keep learning and I intend to do so.  Scholarships for BIPOC, queer, and disabled folx are available.  Please contact me regarding your accessibility needs.

I work and hold space on the unceded land of the Gabrielino Tongva people. This land, which is often referred to as the Los Angeles Basin, is called Tovaangar by the Tongva people. This means “the world.” This land was inhabited and cultivated by the Tongva people for thousands of years before Spanish settlers arrived to steal the land and enslave the indigenous people who lived here.

 The Gabrielino Tongva are a living people who are still seeking access to land rights. The federal government still has yet to grant land rights to the Tongva people. I pay my respects to the Honuukvetam (Ancestors), ‘Ahiihirom (Elders) and ‘Eyoohiinkem (our relatives/relations) past, present and emerging.