Chronic illness is lonely and isolating. And we're sick and tired of (literally) hiding, so we decided to flip the script.


Find connection, visibility and empowerment in community

My friend and High Performance Career Coach Brianne and I co-founded Chronically Iconic Club. A free, peer-led, biweekly support group for individuals living with chronic illness and chronic pain. 

Bri and I met in 2019, having both spent many years living with chronic invisible illnesses and feeling like none of their able-bodied friends or family could truly understand what we were going through, and we immediately bonded over our shared experience.

Recognizing our deep longing for connection to others living with chronic illness and chronic pain, and unsatisfied with the support offerings available in Los Angeles, we decided to create our own, and Chronically Iconic Club was born.

"I know Luna through the Chronically Iconic Club that she co-runs with Brianne . 
I joined this group, which meets online, as I struggle with ongoing physical pain. Since the first meeting Luna has made me feel incredibly welcome. She listens, and gives perspective in a way that makes members feel heard and supported. Luna’s strengths lie in her ability to be present with others and their pain, to not flinch in emotional moments, and to lead with bold vulnerability.”

Lara Salmon, Performance Artist & Writer

We live in an ableist society. Our world was not built for the chronically ill, yet nearly 60% of adult Americans live with a chronic illness and/or disability.

If you are looking to join a safe and supportive community that fosters connection, visibility, and empowerment, you have come to the right place.

Chronically Iconic Club’s mission is to build a safe, supportive and badass community that fosters connection, visibility, and empowerment for those living with often invisible, chronic health conditions and chronic pain.

Chronically Iconic Club

If you are living with chronic health conditions and/or chronic pain - you are invited to learn more and come hang with us at our next virtual event.

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