It's time to get comfortable being uncomfortable,  step into your purpose and live a more empowered and embodied life.

Embody your fullest expression

Work with Me 1:1

I'm a lifelong learner with a M.A. in communication studies, an MFA in progress and a Ph.D. in east-west psychology calling my name.

As your guide, I honor confidentiality, respect, and co-creating an inclusive space. I meet you where you are at, in a space that works for you.  Understanding the uniqueness of all human beings, this is not a one size fits all type of situation, but instead a malleable space that evolves with the mind, body, and soul.

Meet yourself in safe and sacred space 

Do you need to get back to presence like, yesterday?

Spend 90 mins with me dropping back into your body. Learn strategies to get comfortable being uncomfortable and live fewer moments in fear and more in presence. 

ONE-On-ONE WorK is perfect for you if:

* You're processing death, grief and loss
*You’ve been hiding your gifts from the world
*You're struggling to embrace change, good or bad
*You are ready to step into your purpose

with EVERY 1:1 session 

You get 90 minutes of support, customized for your immediate needs.  These sessions are organic and co-creative, often including elements of embodiment work, grief support, ritual guidance, creative practice, and coaching.

Let me lead you through the practices that have helped me to embody impermanence in my own life.

if you are ready to…

Get comfortable being  uncomfortable

Shake what your mama gave ya

Cry,  scream, and let it out

Welcome those unlike you with open arms

Step into your iconic self

and lean into the impermanence of life

Then we should work together

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3-month packages start at $444

Luna will always hold loving compassionate space for me whether it’s talking about my teaching stuff or my dad's recent death. She is an active listener and I know she is always listening to understand me. She stays true to herself which allows you to do the same."


We can learn a lot about life from the cycles on earth. 

 Nothing stays the same; every day, every moment, things are changing, dying, and being reborn.

The key is to embrace the process

Take the first step

1. Embody Wholehearted Presence

Learn breath work, yoga, and embodiment techniques to support your heartFULL presence.  Through somatic practice, I help you cultivate greater ease, grace, and strength that will ripple into every area of your life.

2. Embrace Change

With each breath, we encounter death and rebirth.  Drawing from a wide range of theologies and spiritual philosophies, I guide you to claim your own understanding of impermanence, death, and transformation.

3. Connect, Create and Express

Shift your perspective and move into deeper relationship with the multidimensional layers of YOU.  Through lovingly held safe gathering spaces, I support you to connect with yourself and others through a co-creative interconnected web of community.

Let's Work Together

Learn how to embody the bloom, decay, and death of life

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